Monday, May 16, 2011

The Salmon House

So there we were, up to our pits in boxes, boxes, boxes, prior to our impending move. How was it possible for two people to accumulate so very much? While there was more than one bout of me wailing "we'll NEVER be finished!!!", there were a couple of silver linings. One of them was Mister Man's overall excellent demeanor. When I hit the mat with stress, he stepped up to the plate and became the go-to guy. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this, when I was frequently about T minus two minutes away from a meltdown.....

The other silver lining came in the form of a birthday gift certificate from Paully and Michele. It was a certificate to The Salmon House in West Vancouver. Now, despite the fact that my brother, the oceanographer, wouldn't be caught DEAD eating anything from the ocean, he DOES have the good sense not to reflect his freakishness on the rest of us! And so we decided that the Saturday night prior to Thursday's moving day would be a perfect time to drop everything, put on some nice duds (if we could find 'em) and head out for a lovely dinner.

We invited Susan and Diyan to join us as Mister Man and I had just spent several weeks up each other's nostrils as we packed, sorted, purged, organized, and slogged through that hellish mire known as MOVING. So having some friends along made the whole thing more festive! The view was spectacular. Check it out here over Susan G's shoulder.

As the sun melted into the horizon, so our troubles melted into oblivion.

Of course, this had NOTHING to do with the lovely cocktails.......

Or DID it? Here is the moment in which we passed our SPARE KEY to our brand new neighbors: Susan and Diyan). Yes. It's true. We now live about 12 doors away from BBQ Club Headquarters!!!! What a fabulous moment.

As each course arrived, our packing hell receded and happiness approached.

The food was delicious, and the service fine. Dinner number 6 helped us crawl over the hump and look towards the future. Thanks brother and sister-in-law! That hit the spot!!!


  1. A house-warming part is in order - non? Or at least a late late birthday lunch.


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