Monday, October 18, 2010

The Big Day (part lll)

After Don pronounces us fully, legally, 100%, truly, madly, deeply, married, we sign the register. (Some Americans find it weird that we stop in the middle of everything to sign a bunch of papers. I think it bellows PHOTO OP!!!)

See how I love Mister Man.

How I love my friend, Mariette!

How I love my amazing necklace by Zuka Artful Accessories.

To the strains of Earth, Wind and Fire's "September", we made our way down the aisle. I believe Mister Man was actually seen to be high fiving people as he went. (Though, now that I take a good gander at the photo, I see that perhaps I was doing some sort of football victory dance...)

And we all head off to do the family and wedding party photos.

How I love my lovely family.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the lawn, our friends start sipping champagne punch and socializing.

Look how friggin' cute everyone is!!

We get ready for the classic wedding photos. I love this one. Mariette, being the amazing friend she is, pins me back into my dress so that I don't have a Janet Jackson episode in which my cups runneth over. Check out the delightful expression on the face of the Mums!

And then we begin with the big ol' family shots.

Lovely, happy faces.
A photo of one of the photographers hard at work.

Quiet moments with a best man and a best maid....

Did I mention how much I love the jewelry by Zuka? She made our necklaces and earrings. Beautiful.....

Cutest best maid EVER.

I even got some new sisters!! I always wanted a sister when I was growing up. Then I got Michele as an excellent sister-in-law. And on September 4th, I got to add 2 whole new sisters. What a day!!!

And then we slipped away to do some fun photos. "He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not..."

I think it's safe to say "he loves me"....

And then someone had a great idea to round up people from the west coast for a photo. While I wish we'd assembled the east coast folks for another photo, I love the fact that these friends and family members flew and drove from one end of the country to the other just to share our day.

Pretty amazing. That's what it was.

Tomorrow night, I'll wrap up the wedding with pictures of the party. Thanks for hanging in there during these busy weeks!!! I know I've not been posting as frequently as usual. I can assure you that it's not for lack of wanting to post every day - it's just about the lack of hours in a day!!!

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