Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fort Night

Okay. You're probably thinking the above is a typo - that I meant 'fortnight' as in 'two weeks from now'. But really, I meant Fort Night. As in a night in which children (and adults alike) get together to make forts out of blankets, so that they can share spooky stories under the cover of darkness.

It all started when Lori, Shayne, Shelley, Anthony, Mister Man and I thought we should have a weekend getaway in the new abode of Shayne and Lori. From there, Lori thought it might be fun to build forts - like we did when we were kids. And then we could crawl into those forts and tell ghost stories! So plans were put in place: a pot luck, overnighter in which forts would be built and stories would be exchanged. The potluck was amazing. Lori made cedar plank salmon. We all made dishes to appear in supporting roles.

Shelley skewered delicious morsels for the chocolate fountain.

It was an evening of laughter and friendship.

And Guitar Hero.

(Note Mister Man's "helping hand")

And then, when darkness fell, we built one heckuva fort.

And then.... And THEN, gentle reader, came the best moment of all: the moment in which we all crawled into the fort.

And frightened the POOP out of each other with spooky stories.

It was everything we thought it would be. I felt like I'd slid backwards in time to a summer's night in the 70's when scary stories were told in hushed voices by a group of kids who were huddled around a flashlight, desperately trying to frighten the life out of each other.

It was a fabulous evening, that was capped off by a wonderful morning.

Though I DID notice when I was editing photos, that Shayne's hand was reaching over to steal a slice of bacon off my breakfast plate.....

Ah, friends. You have to love 'em....

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