Monday, January 17, 2011

Signs and Such

The other day, the news was abuzz with reports of planetary realignment which, in turn, led to a whole lot of upheaval in the astrological world. So all of a sudden, we were faced with the notion that we might be living under a new sign. And THAT got me to thinking about some of the fabulous signs Mister Man and I saw in Arizona.

This one was one of my favourite images. An answer box. Now wouldn't that be grand when you're having a bit of a conundrum?

This one made me giggle:

Let's take a closer look:

Gran Especial pantys... interesting. Or how about this one?

In fact, this place was bursting with signage. Some of which was indeed, perplexing.

Let's push in on this for a closer look, shall we?

So it was puzzling to see the liquor stand a few hundred meters away.

The market was full of partial mannequins. They were all "poised" with their bottoms thrust out towards us, as if they were perched there with their hand on their knees....

And then there were the male equivalents of the mannequins.

And these weren't really signs... but I believe they are hugely symbolic of our American adventure.

Not that anyone landed in jail or anything. Nope. They were too busy playing on the rides, having fun.

But the thing that tickled me most, was watching Mister Man enjoy himself.

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