Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Favourite Photos (part 1 of a gazillion)

I was interested in posting some of my favourite pictures, because glory be! there are about a gazillion of them!! So, I thought I’d start someplace special. The first vacation that Mister Man and I took together was a wedding/camping combo expedition which saw us traversing over the Rocky Mountains to Alberta for the wedding of Mariette and Brian. (I was the official photographer.)

What makes these photos even MORE special is the fact that my beautiful friend Mariette (AKA Mrs. EX-Spinstergirl) has agreed to be one of the members of our 2 person wedding party when Mister Man and I get hitched in about 15 months. Mariette has graciously agreed to be “my maid most honourable”, “Ethel to my Lucy”, “Spock to my Kirk”– you get the idea. She’ll be the person scraping me down from the ceiling when I have a panic attack. She’ll make sure I don’t go out with spinach in my teeth, or toilet paper dangling from my shoe. She’s got my back, and for that I am oh-so-grateful.

SIDEBAR: Quite frankly, this whole “wedding thing” is a bit of a surprise for me. I’ve not ever been consumed with visions of trouncing down the aisle looking like a vanilla cupcake in a fluffy white dress. But I’m truly looking forward to our pending nuptials for a whole pile of reasons (the least of which being that Mister Man is a truly wonderful soul who brings me coffee in bed every day and makes me laugh. *chortle chortle* Oh the tales I have to tell!!!).

Here's everything you need to know about Mariette. She is the kind of friend who jumps on a plane and flies hundreds of miles to help a wedding neophyte pick out an appropriate dress. She’s the kind of gal who patiently shows one how to use hot curlers (who knew??). She can whip up a mango salsa with one hand, and light a campfire with another. She’s a l’il bit bossy (in a good way) and a whole lotta supportive, all done up in a stylish wrapper! And I am so grateful that she’s on my team.

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