Friday, June 26, 2009

Revenge is sweet (but sometimes I am not)

Mister Man is a PC. And I'm not talkin' politics (although on that front, he doesn't quite sit right next to me on the left side of the fence. He's a bit closer to the spikey part of the pickets!). Nope. I'm talkin' computers here!

Sidebar Full disclosure: I was a PC for a number of sad and forgettable years that were peppered with frequent appearances by “the blue screen of death”. I finally came back from the dark side to re-kindle my old affair with all-things-Mac and I love it. Yes. I LOVE my MacBook Pro. LOVE. IT.

My Mac, however, did come between me and Mister Man in its first days at home, and was almost turfed off the balcony by himself when we couldn’t get our respective PC and Mac to “play nice” on the wireless network. It turns out that Mac wants to be on top. And really, who could blame it?

In any event, Mister Man has started this silly little photo series on Facebook called “Things I Shouldn’t Put on Teri’s Mac”. Yeah.

*purses lips in disapproval*

I know!!!

Under the cover of darkness (or when I’m somewhere else in our palatial 700 sq. foot apartment), he takes sneaky photos of “inappropriate objects” perched on my Mac and posts them to a series on his FB page (much to the delight of our so-called “friends”. Yes. You know who you are: Wee Sarah, Mariette, A.R., d, Suzo, and the rest of you who keep supplying suggestions for the next addition to his so-called "art project".)

Thus far, these have included: a can of vienna sausages, a glass of mysterious green liquid, teeth from a Halloween costume… WAIT!!!

I’ll show you a little of what he's been up to. I have “stolen” these images from his “Things I Shouldn’t Put on Teri’s Mac” FB series, and I present them for your consideration. And as evidence:

Yeah. Pretty funny right? (oh - that was a sarcasm just in case it didn’t come across in print.)

Here's the deal: I feel compelled to respond in some way. I have thought about the obvious: retaliating by simply doing the same thing to his PC. But that seems lacking and a titch unimaginative .
And so I put it out there for you reader-friend. Help me. I implore you. What shall I do? How can I best elicit my revenge??
You can comment here or, should you want to avoid the judging eyes of Mister Man burning holes into your cyber self, you can email me directly:


  1. Perhaps it is revenge enough knowing that he is stuck with a PC so who cares what anyone puts on it. Failing that, perhaps "things I should not hang from MM's special fly fishing hooks" or "photos I should not share of MM"?

  2. You have a beautiful criminal mind..... mwahahahahaha.