Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cocktails for 2 (or 42!)

Bless my cousins Grace and Nancy Lee. When they got wind of how many mainlanders were coming to Newfoundland for the wedding, they leapt into action and volunteered to host a cocktail party. It was the best wedding present EVER. So after the bus ride, everyone rushed home to freshen up and slip into their party duds. I slipped a special somethin' somethin' on my feet (as I had no intention of doing anything other than perching on the edge of the couch and being waited upon!)

Mister Man was looking pretty dapper himself!

You know the old adage, "if you make it, they will come"? So it was when Grace, Bill, Nancy-Lee and Don worked their tushes off to make a plethora of delicious appetizers to amuse the most discriminating bouche....

Meanwhile, downstairs, Cousin Bill was pouring beverages. It's amazing what kind of thirst you can work up on a bus tour!!

Chuck and Mister Man were enjoying themselves.

As were the Mums and Janet.

And Paully and Michele.....

And the family of Mister Man.

And after everyone was sufficiently suffonsified, they bid adieu to Grace and Bill and Nancy and Don and we all sat back and basked in the glow of their hospitality. There was Cousin Grace;

Cousin Don;
and Cousin Nancy-Lee and the Mums (with a side order of Janet).

I think Bill must have gone for the nice scotch at this point. The evidence is in Mister Man's glass!

We all paused to enjoy the delightful "menu signs" that Don had made to help guests with food allergies.

Even though there weren't any lobster wings, we're pretty sure that our mainland guests had all taken flight in the generous company of Grace and Bill and Don and Nance.....

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