Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prepping, prepping, prepping!!

I write this from the comfort of our humble home after a long travel day yesterday. So now, let me get back to where I left off, and continue the game of wedding catch-up....

The day after the fabulous shower hosted by Aunt June featured a wedding meeting with the incredibly talented and hilarious Lois Brown who had agreed to emcee our wedding. We headed over to Lois's place to be greeted by a Newfoundland-style lunch "scoff" (or feed). I love collaborating with Lois. It brings me slabs of creative joy.

We were joined by Lois's delightful daughter, Olivia and the lovely Mary-Lynn and together we schemed and plotted and started working on the "wedding show flow", in between bouts of laughter and tears. Here's Lois, the hilarious, sharpening her wit.

And here's Mary-Lynn, in between bouts of scheming!

We also had a visit with members of my mother's bridge club. I snapped some "background extra" photos as they're toying with the idea of applying to be extras on a locally shot television show, Republic of Doyle. Here's the Mums now. Isn't she lovely?

And then we rushed off to the airport to greet the first of our mainland visitors: Annie and Lara. Many moons ago, they'd decided to come to Newfoundland a little early, so that they could see some sights and suck up a little of that famous Newfoundland hospitality (but mostly, so that they could get their photograph taken in front of the "Dildo, Newfoundland" sign). But after booking their tickets, Lara was scheduled for a little surgery (nothing major - but surgery nonetheless). Here she is a mere month ago as the world's saddest patient....

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and were so happy to see two of our closest friends come down over the escalator at YYT. After a series of brief misadventures, we finally got them tucked into bed and made plans to pick them up the following morning. The plan was to cook for them, attend to the patient, and ALSO to get them involved in some wedding business. In short, we were shamelessly going to put them to work on the wedding chain gang!

The next morning, Mister Man and I ran some more wedding errands and then made a quick pit stop here, to pick up some lunch for the Mums and our guests. It's never too early to introduce someone to the taste of fish and chips with dressing and gravy!

The jury was still out on the dressing and gravy, so we took them back to Paul and Michele's place in Torbay via the scenic route. They were duly impressed with Logy Bay and Middle Cove.

Annie was even inspired to do her "Titanic" impression.

Lara tried our camera on for size. Clearly, she's got a bit of knack for it!

And we asked her to shoot a couple of images for the cake toppers. We wanted something a little different than the standard bride and groom statue that sits atop your average fondant laden wedding cake. I figgered that we could put photos of us back to back on a wooden coffee stir stick, so that each wedding cake could be bedecked with truly personalized, double-sided cake toppers.

And then, when we got to Paul and Michele's, we SHAMELESSLY put them to work assembling the "wedding favor" bags. It was a fairly complex operation and each serving had to be weighed because we had a limited amount of personalized M&M's (which essentially cost an arm and a leg, but were ENTIRELY worth the severing of limbs!) Pictures of the chain gang (and the fabulous M&M's) will be posted tomorrow.....

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