Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Quintessential Canadian Moment

Consider this a bit of a snapshot post. I've spent the past couple of evenings wading through thousands (yes, thousands!) of digital wedding images: sorting, editing, cropping, tweaking and deleting. Thanks to the fabulous photographic efforts of Doodie, Lara, Janice and Cousin Bill, we have all bases covered on the photo front. There are so many gorgeous images that capture the spirit of the day and they are forthcoming gentle readers!! Honest!

In the interim, I wanted to share this moment with you. While the photo isn't so great, the moment was golden. One night, as we were enjoying the first of many family dinners, I pulled out my brand spankin' new iPhone. (prior to leaving, I decided to shift gear and go from a BBerry to an iPhone - and might I just say how much I LOVE it???) In any event, we were talking about the NFB App (in which you can stream thousands of classic Canadian docs and animation). My family hadn't spent any time with the app, so I pulled out my iPhone and set them up with that CLASSIC Canadian animation, Sheldon Cohen and Roch Carrier's "The Sweater". Mister Man and I both adore this short film.

And there, huddled around Paul and Michele's dining room table in Torbay, Newfoundland, the three of them watched the Quebec-based animated film on my wee phone. And I sat back and basked in the glow. THIS is one little slice of Canadian culture and I love it.

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