Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Take a Meeting

We woke up on Monday with massive "to-do" lists on our mind. You see, we landed in St. John's and hit the ground running. We lined up meetings with the caterer and the deejay and we started purchasing supplies for the main event (such as the ingredients for the baking of the caking). Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like an Excel spreadsheet, and we covered the dining room table at Paul and Michele's with spreadsheets and lists. Organizing a wedding is serious business my friends!!

We had some surprises up our sleeves for the 30 + mainlanders who were traveling across the country to attend our meeting, and one of those surprises was to take them for a "big scoff" (i.e. feed) of "fi' and chi'" (i.e. fish and chips with dressing and gravy)" at the world famous Ches's Fish and Chips.

We'd set it up via email with Sylvia and decided that we should slip in for a meeting and then confirm our details with her. We were, after all, planning to take 45 people out for dinner and host a couple of contests along the way! So off we went on Monday at lunchtime for one of my favourite meals. Okay - it may not SOUND delicious to you, but I can assure you that this is the food of the gods (and of my people) (and there's a reason the latter aren't generally a skinny lot). Imagine dressing (as in the kind of dressing you might stuff into a chicken) that's been doused in fabulous Newfoundland savoury. Then put a pile o' homemade french fries (or chips) on top of it. Pour gravy over it and tuck a piece or two of deep fried Atlantic cod on the side of the plate and you've got it. Ambrosia really. Then you take a fork, poke your fish and douse it in malt vinegar. Oh my.

It goes a little something like this.

It's also helpful to have an adorable partner on the other side of the table working the to-do list.

We had some thank-you gifts to buy, so we strolled the streets of old St. John's and popped into some of our favourite shops (including O'Brien's Music Store where you can buy an "ugly stick" or a much maligned button accordion which just happens to be one of my favourite instruments so don't be dissin' it!!).

Later that night, we strolled the harbour, checking out the boat that would carry a handful of mainlanders on a whale watching tour....

It was a lovely, clear night and we enjoyed strolling the harbour and basking in the quiet glow of each other's company.

What a lovely way to end our first day back......

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  1. Eagerly awaiting the next installment! (and YUM!!)