Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Glimpse of a Life in Three Acts

Mister Man and I are heading south this festive season, to spend a few days with Bob 'n Mer in Arizona. So, in a moment of utter practicality, we decided we wouldn't go to the trouble of putting our tree up this year, (or any holiday decor for that matter), seeing as how we wouldn't be here on the day and all. Consequently, my heart hasn't done its usual holiday flip flop upon entering our wee home, because I haven't been greeted with a show of tiny twinkle lights and little festive figgers.... However, it IS my favourite time of year, and despite the paucity of Christmas paraphernalia in our home, there have been some gorgeous moments over the past couple of weeks that are absolutely blog-worthy. And so, without further ado, here in 3 Acts, are some images of what's inspired me of late....

Act 1
A lovely vision in Whistler

Act 2
A stunning sunset

Act 3
..... in which a most wonderful husband sneaks home after work, puts up the tree despite our attempt at practicality, and surprises me when I walk through the door with a beautiful blast of the season. Even the Shaw Yule Log was aglow (as was my heart)... How I love this festive season. How I love Mister Man for lighting up my life.

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