Friday, December 3, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sweater

It's from the sickbed that I write this catch-up post. Some sort of buggy flu/cold thingie has been running up and down the corridor at work, taking us out one by one. So my good blogging intentions were replaced instead by a hacking cough and an "icky" feeling that was followed by being horizontal and sweaty.

But I'm happy to report that I'm on the mend, so please accept this belated post from moi to toi.

A few weeks ago, the BBQ Club gathered. Mister Man was in charge of the main course. He decided he'd do pork chops. He picked out some fine specimens at WholePaycheque - I mean Whole Foods, and set about brining them. We arrived at the Grossyjadis (our pet name for Susan and Diyan) and were serenaded by Ms. Susan herself, who has been taking guitar lessons. Okay, she may only know one song so far, but it's a great song!! Isn't she adorable?

Mister Man hit the grill. What you CAN'T see this in this photo, is that his camouflage hat is adorned with a built-in light on the brim...... He is nothing but classy!!

As we waited for dinner, Susan brought out the most recent acquisitions from her mom. (We can't WAIT to meet the world-famous Ann G. who will be arriving in July!!!) Ann G. is a knitter. And she makes some extraordinary sweaters and such....

Recently, she sent a package to Susan and Diyan that contained a GORGEOUS sweater. There was only one hitch. The sweater seemed a little large for our tiny friend Susan.

I know it's common for our mothers to think of us daughters as larger than life.... So maybe that explains it! We decided that we should ALL try on the sweater for size. Perhaps it was meant to be for ONE OF US!!

Vanessa put it on and showed us her best Tyra pose.

Then Mister Man tried it on.
Then E. tried it on (while Vanessa modeled another item that was made for Diyan).

Then it was my turn. (Pardon the funky colour...) Here, Ms. E. is modeling an item that gave us all a great deal of pleasure as we played with the many ways in which it could be worn. And we decided that we would TAKE TURNS wearing the sweater. We would each take it for one month, and have the pleasure of wearing it and taking it on adventures. I am the first member of the sisterhood to wear the sweater, so you can anticipate a sisterhood of the traveling sweater post soon!!

Now back to the white thingie..... Part "shrug", part "scarf", what could it be?

And how should it be worn?


Okay, okay - we know it should be worn like this:

And then, it was time for the main event. V and E seem fairly fixated on the table.

As do S and D.
Of COURSE they were chomping at the bit! Who wouldn't??

We finished the evening off with V and E's Bananas Foster. What a wonderful, filling winter dinner...

And I, for one, was a little relieved that the sisterhood of the traveling sweater featured a slightly oversized garment....

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