Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a BBQ Club Christmas!!

Have we ever got some catchin' up to do.... As I thought, the interwebs connection in Arizona wasn't a happening thing, so I'm going to have to step back in the past and share the shenanigans of the BBQ Club Christmas.

We decided we'd do a "white elephant" gift exchange, in which numbers are issued to all participants in the gifting frenzy. Number 1 has first pick of the parcels, number 2 can pick from the pile or steal number 1's gift and so on, and so on... It all starts with a big o'l pile o' gifts.

And then it's about the shaking, poking, and prodding.

In the hopes that Saint Nick might have brought you a hand-sewn lamb chop!!

And a promissory note for visions of future deliciousness!

I can assure you that Diyan's Challah is NOT to be trifled with! It's delicious. And how do I know this? Maybe because she served it on this special day of the BBQ club!!

I know Ms. Susan is pleased as punch here. From the look on Diyan's face, Susan MAY have just uttered something delightfully outrageous!!

And the opening of gifts COULD lead to the acquisition of one helluva an ugly (and highly coveted) Christmas sweater!

And the acquisition of such a sweater MAY lead to fun with Photoshop!!

I do know we enjoyed a fabulous steak dinner.

....complete with homemade apple pie!

And that leads me to the thing that we always find ourselves uttering when we spend time together:

In fact, Diyan designed us a crest. We're thinking of getting matching tattoos!!

Happy Holidays from the BBQ Club!!

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