Monday, December 13, 2010

O Canada! Welcoming Diyan!!

If you've felt a new tingle in the Canadian air of late, it's probably because a whole bunch of folks were recently made Canadian citizens here in Vancouver. And ONE of them was our dearly beloved pal Diyan. Why, here she is now - ever the early bird, sitting in her seat waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Not only was this momentous event cause for celebration, but it provided AMPLE reason for some of us to slip away from our day jobs to witness the event.

We were armed with iPhones, digital SLRs and video cameras.

Of course, we were posting play-by-play messages on the interwebs.... Ah technology!!

After all, it's not everyday that one gets to see a friend join our ranks as we all bustle with national pride!

The crowd awaits their new Canadian status....

We weren't allowed to shoot the proceedings, but we WERE allowed to leap up like proud parents and snap away once the deed was done! Did some of us shed tears during the ceremony? In the words of one American conservative "you betcha!" I've altered the colour on this one (note Canadian spelling of COLOUR -it was, after all, a CANADIAN citizenship ceremony.) But this was taken moments after the swearing in...... the arrow points the way to our gal. The New Canadian.

Newly minted:

With lovely sister:

With proud partner:

This made me cry a little.

So did this. And I don't even KNOW these people!

With Her Majesty, the Queen:

And later that night, Susan hosted a New Canadian Party for Diyan in which Mister Man got to play his Canadian song set on his iPod.

And Diyan - well, she got to dress up. And you have to love ANY occasion in which you get to don the red and white.....

O Canada!!!

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