Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What We Did this Canadian Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, our American friends and family will celebrate American Thanksgiving. I thought it might be fitting to share a little about how we spent our Canadian Thanksgiving this year (which actually included time with American friends!)

Dinner was the usual spectacular fare that's offered up at the parents of Mister Man (AKA Bob 'n Mer). Most of the Mister Man clan were on hand to enjoy the turkey and fixin's and the laughter that always manages to fill the room on such auspicious occasions. And when the last dish had been washed and put away, we sat down with a cup of tea and watched our niece, Andie, work her magic with some beads. You see, Lisa had a hankerin' for some new baubles, so right in front of our very eyes, she commissioned Andie to make her a necklace.

The concentration on Andie's face was intense.

It was matched only by the expression of sheer joy on Lisa's face.

Somehow, in all the excitement, I forgot to take a photo of Lisa WEARING her new work of art, but I DID manage to snag a photo of the work in progress, moments before it was finished.

It continues to bring joy to Lisa. I know this for a fact, as I saw her wearing it just days ago! If you are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, may joy surround you...... (like a necklace made with love by a fabulous niece).

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