Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

[The above photo was taken last year in Newfoundland. This year, we're spending Christmas in Vancouver....]

What a perfect day it's been. I didn't go into work this morning, and instead hung out here by my own self wrapping presents and drinking coffee and having toast with that McLaren's extra old (and mysteriously spreadable) cheese on it. I was awaiting the arrival of the Christmas box from Paully and Michele in Newfoundland (which we were able to claim, just under the wire, after missing delivery and arriving at the postal outlet moments before it closed for the holidays. Phew!). It was gloriously sunny out, and the nip in the air was perfection. And then my friend Free Lion came over bearing some amazing handmade bags that I'd ordered as gifts. So we had MORE coffee (eggnog lattes to be specific, made with ridiculously decadent organic eggnog...), and a grand ol' gab.

And THEN Mister Man came home, scooped up Free Lion and myself and we headed to the movie cinema to hook up with Suzo and Jeseka for the matinee of "Up in the Air", which was a really great film by the way. We had a perfect popcorn lunch and shared laughs and knowing glances.

Now, Mister Man and I are cuddled up at home awaiting the arrival of Mister Man's oldest friends (okay - they're not actually old, it's just that he's known them since he wore Miami Vice jackets with the sleeves pushed up). There are short ribs cookin' in the oven, the Shaw holiday log is on the television and the IPOD is cranking out one eclectic holiday mix. The tree is alight, and the city is starting to slow down. And THAT is one of the things I like most about Christmas - a huge chunk of the population actually agree to close up shop and take the day off (oh I know that if you work in the hotel business, or with an airline - your day is probably hellacious.....) but the majority of folks actually DO stop for the day 'round these parts. There is a magic in the silence that descends. Maybe it just feels old fashioned - like we're re-visiting a time in which "It's A Wonderful Life" COULD have taken place, and there's comfort in that... but whatever it is, I like it.

Right now, I am so filled with good feelings and contentment, that I could pop with joy. Of course I wish my family were here, but I also know that tomorrow morning, they'll Skype us, and it will KIND of like being in the same room with them.... I am so grateful for all my family, and for all of my friends, and for Mister Man, and for all of you who read and comment. I don't think I'm being sentimental at all when I say that it IS a wonderful life.

Happy Holidays!

PS. Oh, and before he gets his panties in a twist, I do need to acknowledge that this beautiful photo of Torbay, Newfoundland was taken last Christmas by Mister Man. In his words, "it was taken just after God turned on the lights"....

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