Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's been a couple o' incredibly busy days and nights. Phew!
I'm still working on the super delicious post about the Great Mac Off of 2009 (in which Mister Man and I went to the mattresses as we competed against each other to see who would rightly claim the title of "Best Maker of Macaroni and Cheese in the Northern Hemisphere"). So I do promise you lurid, luscious photos PLUS recipes, and no visible trace of bloodshed!!
In the meantime, when Mister Man and I were strolling through magic hour last Saturday, I came upon this message etched into a railing by the water. To me it wasn't necessarily a heavily religious thing, but rather a message that I think can resonate in everyone's world.

If you think of it like a fill in the blank DIY message, you can actually personalize it.

Check it out:
Let faith in humankind not be gone.
Let faith in our ability to move ourselves out of this environmental crisis not be gone.
Let faith in the powerful work of feminism not be gone.

It gave me pause.....

How would YOU fill in the blank?
Let faith in ______________ not be gone.

Tonight I have the privilege of going to hear David Suzuki's Legacy Lecture. I have a hunch that he's going to tell us all how he fills in that blank.... at least I hope so.


  1. so lovely, teri!

    you "went to the mattresses", did you? hmmm...will there be pictures of THAT part? sorry, completely different tone, but still, it had to be said.

    i love how you says it's kind of DIY phrase....

  2. um, the title i claimed was "best mac'n cheese in the WORLD", not just the norther hemisphere.