Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY Photo Project (How to Take Your Own Wedding Invitation Photos)

As I mentioned, we shot photos for our wedding invitation on the weekend, and it was kinda fun! I went and had my hair done by our hair-gal, Robyn, because left to my own devices, I cannot be trusted to do anything remotely stylish. Oh sure, I can manage washing and drying it, but that's about it..... I don't have that "hairdressing" gene (which is linked to the "ability to wrap presents in an attractive fashion" gene, which is from the same DNA clump as the "arrange a bunch flowers so they look like a poem" genetic strain.) In other words, I just don't have that flair. Luckily, Robyn DOES have that flair.

She made my hair look all purdy, like I stepped out of the pages of a 40's magazine. My only regret is that I didn't bring my camera to document the old school hairdryer under which I sat while the setting lotion took hold!

When I got home, Mister Man and I set up my softbox and a backlight, and we hung a backdrop (aka the black king size sheet I bought for cheap at an outlet store when I was in film school), and we set the camera on the tripod, and let loose with the remote. We laughed our faces off, and were pretty pleased when all was said and done. We managed to whittle the pile of photos down to a small bunch of photos, but now we're having a dickens of a time making a decision.

Gentle reader, would it be too much to ask you to vote on your favourite image? Does that seem cocky or flippant? Or just fun.....??

Here are some that made us smile.... (most were designed with more black space for the text, but because Blogger insists on cropping my horizontal images, I cropped them for you, so you're not getting some of the compositional harmonics that were happening.... but you will get the gist.)

We started going for old style Hollywood glam. (Photo #1)

Photo #2:

But THAT kinda went to hell in a handbasket... (Photo #3) (Followed by Photo #4)

And all of that led to this next image. There's a reason I took a bunch of the colour out of this shot. And it's because after the smooch, Brian ended up wearing some of my lipstick. And neither of us really noticed. (Not that there's anything wrong with anyone wearing lipstick. It's just that HIS ended up ONLY on the centre of his lips.) So it looked like he had one of those cartoon mouths...(I once heard it referred to as a "hen's hole mouth". Is that rude?) So when I cut the colour, the lipstick malfunction was less visible. (Photo #5)

Photo #6:

Photo #7

Here's the photo for my album cover!! (of course, I have to become a musician and make an album first....) (Photo #8)

And here's Mister Man's album cover... (Photo #9)

Here's the official Canada Post "Wedding of Sugarlove Girl and Mister Man" stamp. (Photo #10)

Our phone lines are open and operators are standing by to hear your thoughts! Your vote is important to us.


  1. i like the second from the top one a lot, but i really love the one where you're kind of looking at each other and giggling.

  2. Hmmm - all so much fun! I like 6 and 7 a lot. And Mr. Man with the nose. 2 is really good too, but it kinda looks like you are marrying Steven Page... ;)

    XXBunkle (in Toronto!)

  3. Hey Bunkle in Toronto! Thanks.

    And yeah, Mister Man WAS Steven Page, but after that unfortunate incident and subsequent bust in NY, Steven entered the witness protection program and is now living with me in B.C.!