Sunday, December 6, 2009

Magic Hour on the North Shore

What a whirlwind weekend. We spent the greater part of Saturday on a little DIY photo project: taking photos for our wedding invitation. We had SO many laughs, and the photos turned out really well, despite a lipstick malfunction. I promise to share some of our favourites with you right here on the interwebs.

We've also been experiencing a blast of the most extraordinary weather here in Vancouver. It's been brilliantly sunny with a delightful nip in the air. So at the end of our epic photo session, we bundled up and headed out to catch magic hour as it cascaded over our city like a golden blanket.

Today we finally rolled up our sleeves and dived in for the much anticipated MAC OFF, in which "his and hers" macaroni and cheese were placed before a couple of discerning judges. So I promise the results AND the recipes.

But for now, let me share a little slice of Saturday's magic hour with you.

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