Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in Newfoundland, Part ll

The thing that followed the "'Twas the Week Before Christmas Smack-Down" was a fast round of limericks and haikus. Again, for the viewing pleasure of you non-Newfoundlanders, allow me to link you to some pages that might help with your comprehension!

Michele wrote:
There once was a boy from BC
Who liked to have "fee" with his "chee"
Couldn't get it out West
And found a new home by the sea

Paully wrote:
There once was a boy from BC
Who liked to have "fee" with his "chee"
Couldn't get it out West
Came East where it's best
And now we can't get rid of 'e.

I wrote:
There was a big lad name of Nicol
Who feared he would be in a pickle
Then Christmas he'd fake it
Cuz his love for the rock wasn't fickle

And then we set our sights on higher literary standards: the haiku!
Mister Man wrote:
Descending visitor nears
Kacy bares her teeth

Paully responded:
Dog hair scattered amid dust
Drywall disaster
Sad Christmas decor chaos

I responded:
Two more nights of restless sleep
Brian works overtime
Will we really get to land?

and then I wrote this when the package I ordered from Amazon in November still hadn't arrived... (avert your eyes if you don't like swearing, people!):
Amazon dot f'ing com
You have let us down
Two lonely parcels stranded

Paully retorted:
Potty Mouthed sister again
Aghast Mums would weep
Yes, Tef must be adopted

I typed:
Puritan brother of mine
Stands on the sidelines
Empty creative vessel

Michele chimed in:
Paully strings the Christmas lights
Third time on the tree
Long story, tell you later

and then she wrote:
Michele white with plaster dust
Wish it were flour
Still lots of baking to do

I reassured:
The plane comes bearing cookies
And goodies galore
East coast baker please don't sweat.

And then we arrived. Late, but in tact. And they didn't even lose our luggage!

This year, I find myself missing my people. And the poetry..... could you blame me?
Here's what I have to say to THAT:
Sadly staring out window
Wish you were all here
Better have more chocolate.....

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  1. Love this post (particularly the haikus - brilliance, absolute brilliance ;)

    One more sleep, xmas lover!