Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back on the Bus

Is it cheating if I'm writing this during earth hour, with all of the lights turned off and the computer running on battery power? Mister Man is moving about our apartment with a flashlight in hand, and has lit a couple of candles here in the living room, and you know, it's kind of nice to imagine that we're in a cabin somewhere..... (though Mister Man has just informed me that "if we were in a cabin, there'd be no computers allowed." Because he likes to go "all Luddite" when in the woods.) Me, I like my modern day conveniences. I mean we didn't claw our way to the top of the food chain to deny ourselves the miracles of modern technology did we? I think not, my friend. I think not.

I feel as though I am finally returning to the world of the living after that intense burst of work. It's amazing how much a 12 day stint can take it out of you. I guess it really is true that I'm not 22 anymore, when living on the adrenalin edge of exhaustion was satisfying and invigorating. Now it just whoops me in the butt....

Perhaps it's being tired that makes me want to continually confess to you. I mean, first with the zit and the taped up glasses and the incident with the bloody handshake, and now this. It's a small confession I'm about to make to you, and I hope you don't judge me. (And why all of a sudden do I feel as though we should be sitting in a little booth in the corner of a cavernous church, separated by some doily-like wooden lattice work while the sound organ music and the scent of holy wafers waft about us? And you should be wearing robes and speaking in hushed holy tones. And I should be contrite. And I'm not even Catholic for Pete's sake!)

A couple of events have led me here to this confession. The first is that, with the full on support of Wee Sarah, I have joined Weight Watchers yet again. I tried to do it by my own self, but I am weak, like a picket fence in a strong northeasterly. I couldn't do it. So when I got wind that Wee Sarah had gone back, I thought about the success we'd collectively had the last time we joined. So I signed up.

And to add to the whole motivational thingie, I finally ordered the wedding dress that Mariette and I picked out yea those many moons ago. I had to phone in my measurements. And. Um. Don't judge me, but I MIGHT have taken a couple of inches off the real estate known as my boobs, my waist and my butt. And now the dress is on order. So I must pay the piper (who is about 20 pounds lighter than I am at this moment in time). Yup. So you see, I now have no choice. I must slim.

This is not a bad thing! And we're off to a great start, because in the first week, I was down almost 5 pounds. And if I actually work up the courage here to press "publish post", then the blog verse will know of my secret, and THAT will be one more factor in the motivational pile.

This doesn't mean I'll be giving up baking. I'll just do it less frequently, and I'll do it for events or people.

Because here's the thing: come hell or high water, at the end of the day, that dress is going to fit, by gum! It's gonna fit like a rubber glove.... Stay tuned, gentle reader. Stay tuned.....


  1. ok, i just read this and confronted sugarlove about this, and her quote is "it's not like i lied,,,,that much". i'm really looking forward to these next few months.

  2. awesome post, teri. you do have a way with words. your wedding, my book launch: we're on our way!! and hey, surely there is some blogging and comics material here -- the different flipcharting styles used by gay paul and gay allan (the weight watchers leaders), the various odd folks (i mean, aside from us) who attend meetings... it's all material, it's all material. xoxoxo wee(er) sarah

  3. 以簡單的行為愉悅他人的心靈,勝過千人低頭禱告........................................

  4. Thanks everyone. Wee(er) Sarah, I believe there are MONTHS worth of material in our current journey! What fun...... xoxo