Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Burton Cummings Has Got it Going On

We went to a couple of the victory celebrations in which medals were handed out, and music was played. It was very cool to watch the athletes enjoy their well deserved moment in the sun. And to see some of our own Canadian peeps on the platform.

It was "Manitoba Night" on this particular evening, so all of the talent came from - you guessed it. The headliner? Burton Cummings. He. Was. Great. He emerged from this funkadoodle laser show.

And there he was in all his glory.

Now, I am not a closet Cummings lover, but let me tell you that he churned out hit after hit after hit. Mister Man and I kept looking at each other going "Oh yeah... I forgot about that one": American Woman, Stand Tall, Those Eyes, Break it To them Gently, Fine State of Affairs, You Saved My Soul etc. etc. etc. Holy crow!!

In terms of performance, he wasn't at all like paunchy ol' Roger Daltry during the Super Bowl half time show - Burton Cummings still has his vocal chops. In fact, if we hadn't been sitting in row MM in the upper portion of the nosebleed section, why I might even have considered throwing my panties on the stage......


  1. I knew you'd feel the magic!!

  2. Oh friend,

    You were SO right on that front!!! I will doubt NO MORE!