Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doctor Paully, I presume?

On Saturday, Paully, the person I am blessed to call my brother, touched down in Vancouver en route to his home in Newfoundland. Mister Man and I shot out to the airport and scooped him up for a 6 hour visit before he had to jump back on the red-eye for all points East. We had such a lovely time. We strolled through Gastown and popped into the Salt Tasting Room for a glass of vino and a nibble of charcuterie. After a bit of window shopping, we went for a lovely dinner at The Water Street Cafe (delish I might add). And then we popped over to tour my new office.

My brother, the scientist, has just put the finishing touches on a book about the World Ocean Census that's slated for publication in the coming months. I, of course, was chomping at the bit to take his photo for the cover. And while I managed to miss the boat on that one when we saw each other in Cape Cod last summer, I was hell bent not to miss the opportunity again. So I brought along my camera and we did an impromptu photo shoot after dinner. There's a chance that the publisher will reject ALL of these photos, but here are the ones we sent them. What do you think gentle reader? Would you purchase a science book if you saw this person peering out at you from the back cover? And if so, which iteration of himself appeals to you?

I think these photos show him to be the approachable and wonderful person he is. (But for Pete's sake, don't tell him I said that, or it'll go to that smart head of his). And even if they don't pick one of my photos to put on the back cover, I'm still happy I had a chance to take them. Because he IS my brother after all. And I'm pretty darn proud. (But mum's the word on that too, okay?)


  1. I'm going to agree...#3 :)

  2. Thanks Bunkle and Lori! Let's hope the publisher has an ear to the blogiverse!! I will keep you posted.

  3. me too. and we need to talk about author photos. :)