Sunday, March 28, 2010

Couples Catan

Couples Catan is not to be confused with Couples Counseling (though Couples Catan could potentially have led to a few sessions with a couples counsellor!) Nope. On Friday night, Susan and Diyan (AKA "The Grossmans") invited a whole pile of us over for a Settlers of Catan Round Robin. Initially, we thought we'd set up two tables and kick it old school (a la the bridge tournaments I remember the mums hosting when I was a child). But once we arrived, we decided that it might be more fun to play as couples. There is only one word to describe what transpired after this decision: hilarious.

First of all, there were the beverages, the aptly named:


a beautifully eclectic selection of glasses into which to pour said beverages.

This glass is actually ceramic!

The beverages led to some serious scheming (natch).

Then there were the sweet, sweet moments of tenderness:

followed by the saddest faces in the whole wide world.

You may wonder "why the sadness?" Perhaps it was the diabolical machinations of the usually sweet Lara. I believe this photo says it all:

How we laughed. (Except for the part in the 11th hour where a certain couple STOLE our longest road by rudely blocking us when we were 2 points away from victory..... But I'm over that now.)

(Because Mister Man and I have a plan. Revenge may be sweet, but we won't be when next we meet over the Catan table. Mwahahahahahahaha.....)

*insert echo here*

*slowly fade to black*


  1. so much cheaper than that therapy crap everyone is always suggesting.

  2. @annie - how can so much evil be wrapped up in such a delightful wrapper?
    @sarah - so true. and not NEARLY as time consuming! We shoulda thought of this AGES ago!!

  3. Excellent visual narrative, Teri! We'll have to turn the camera on you and Mr. M next time. I think there were some sad faces on your side of the table as well.