Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There's a new(ish) restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver that's seen more buzz than beehive. For Mister Man's birthday, Susan and Diyan gave him a coupon for a dinner at a choice of restaurants including Grub. They also gave him permission to bring a guest of his choice. It's a good thing he brought me, because otherwise I would have missed this. Note the menu on the board behind Susan and Diyan. If you could read it you'd see some delicious items.

They are both clearly deep in thought. And who could blame them. There was a LOT to consider here!

The charcuterie plate arrived and we were captivated by each item. Susan is taking us on a culinary tour of our plate. Clearly, we were all on the edge of our seats.

And then dinner started to arrive. Susan began pounding the table with her fork and knife until her plate landed. Adorable.

And what lovely plates were had by all. Here's my pork tenderloin casually reclining against a bed of homemade angel hair pasta.

It was truly yummy. I love a birthday that stretches over the span of a whole month - even if it isn't MY birthday. One of the benefits of almost being married, is that I'm pretty much guaranteed to be Mister Man's "plus 1". What a lovely night.

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