Monday, August 2, 2010

And - ACTION: Life on a Film Shoot

So, after the incident involving the critters, the keys and the slumber party, we were ready to roll. I love a film set. There's a kind of magic that can happen when a group of people are working together on a small independent project.

This was Mister Man's first film shoot, and he was quick to understand how it all worked.

It starts not just with the crew setting up the first shot, but with the actors going through hair and make up. Marie's lovely little cousin makes her screen debut as a haunted spirit.

Here's the first slate of the first day. Everyone on this shoot wore many hats. Darryl was an assistant camera person, a DMT, VFX Supervisor and Editor.

The first shot.

The film is an impressionistic story about a group of First Nations people who overcome the horrors of residential school, systemic racism and other historic wrongs, to find strength and freedom. Actor Sam Bob was riveting to watch.


Marie and Director of Photography Barry work together.

Sometimes, they take the creative to a higher plane.

There are so many people behind the scenes. Literally.

The story of Sweet Jane, played by Michelle St. John, was heart wrenching..

Working with the spirits was a haunting treat.

They were so truly beautiful. (Mister Man operated the smoke machine.)

Some of these moments sent chills up and down my spine.

And, at the end of the day, as Rose had her make-up removed, I thought it kind of looked like a wonderful mask.

There's nothing quite like seeing a person in white face chill out while she waits for the next set up...

How could you not love this wee face?

It was a very intense 3 days, but well worth every second. What a wonderful project. What a wonderful group of people with whom to spend 3 amazing days. It really was a privilege.

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