Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Festive Dinner Came Early for our Clan This Year

Okay. So maybe we DID have a bit of a "faux Christmas" lunch a few weeks back. Now, before you get all high-up on your horsey and call us barbaric and out of control, let me 'splain.

1. Bob 'n Mer were getting ready to fly south in true Canadian snowbird style.
2. Brother Paully (okay - he is not a man of the cloth - he is actually my brother), and sis-in-law Michele were in town. *note of pride here* My baby brother has published a book on the Census of Marine Life and has been jet setting here and there as part of the book launch. And of COURSE he had to stop on the West Coast of our fair country!

These 2 singular events were the reason for our festive family gathering. And here's what happened. We had a "festive lunch". While Santa wasn't present, we managed to have a lovely nosh.

Later that night, we surprised Paul and Michele with a trip to Stanley Park, where we took a ride on the ghost train. This year's theme was Alice in Nightmareland. In the lineup, I marveled at the illusion created by the flourish of light above this patron's head. It looks like a set of other worldly "deely bobbers".

There were some interesting characters in line with us.

We knew we were in for adventure when the train blasted into the station.

Sure enough.....

But the highlight of the evening came when we tried to discern who made the best Alice. What do you say? Door number 1?

Door number two?

Or Door number three?

I'll take "brunch the next day" for 100 points, Alex! Kate and Collin and their lovely family had us over for brunch. I love this photo of my brother.....

Kate and Paul and I grew up together, and now we found that, decades later, we were no longer the kids around the table. Life is funny like that.

At the end of the day, we all admired the lovely art installation that was laid out on the front lawn.

Deck the halls!!!

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