Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The First Annual Zombie-a-thon

Ms. Annie and Mister Man enjoy a Zombie flick from time to time. So when Annie proposed a "Zombie-A-Thon", well it didn't take more than about half a second for Mister Man to start slamming his hands together like a 5 year old. One Saturday, Annie and Lara met up with Mister Man at our favourite local video store "Schlockbuster", so that they could pick out a few films to add to Ms. Annie's impressive home collection.

Throw in some lovely snacks and we were all set. Mister Man may be laughing in this tiny photo....

But I can assure you that there were many gasps and such through the course of the event.

Note the gnawing of fingers.

And even though she's pretending to be too cool for school, we all knew that she was a tad bit skeert.

I have a hunch that this will become an annual affair.... ZOMBIES BEWARE!!