Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Think This Photo Says it All

Ever in search of great spots for noshing and hosting our bestest out of town visitors, we were excited to try Main Street's latest acquisition "Lucy's Eastside Diner". Open 24 hours, this holds great promise for late night snacks and weekend brunches. We went for dinner. Mister Man swears by the sliders (little mini burger nuggets topped off with chevre). I had the meatloaf, which was tasty (though the taters were of the reconstituted variety - so next time, I'd have the loaf with some fries.)

The other thing you might notice in this image is the beyond-awesome fish eye lens with which this photo was taken. The lens was a gift from Mister Man. It's actually "son of Lens Baby", (AKA the Lens Baby Scout.). It's a fabulous lens. FABULOUS. It even comes with a sense of humour: when you take the Lens Baby out of the box, there's a note that says "Mama?"

Okay. I will confess. Last weekend, Mister Man and I were have a late afternoon round of cozy cribbage, over a bottle of wine and much laughter. He said "hey, do you want your Christmas present now?" I think you can figure out what happened next. I LOVE my Christmas present. The Lens Baby line of camera accessories bring me great joy. Stay tuned for more fantastic photos.

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