Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doodie's Day

Last week there were birthday celebrations for 4 amazing women in my life: AJ, Doodie, The Mums and Aileen. For AJ and Doodie, I made a lovely (and oh-so-adult) Chocolate Espresso Torte which we enjoyed after a gorgeous veggie chili cooked by Meebs. I do promise that torte recipe soon. Then, there was a second party for her Doodiness, and it was just around the corner from our humble abode. PLUS it was a beach themed party, and who doesn't want a little slice of summer in the darkest, dreariest days of a Vancouver winter? So Mister Man and I brushed off a few items from his Hawaiian shirt collection and headed out.

Here he is now with our pal Poot. (and if you're wondering why all of our friends have names like Doodie and Pooter and Meebs.... well that's another story!)

There were women (and men) wearing bikini tops!

And the birthday gal herself (clearly up to no good here).

Speaking of being up to no good....

And AGAIN with the up to no good!

And even MORE of the no good!

The food was amazing. It was a potluck and people really stepped up to the plate. Our hosts made the most amazing marinated tenderloin. Oh mama! Even the fruit tray was a work of art featuring a levitating banana!

I love this trio of images of the birthday gal and Stania.

And then out came the cupcakes. I think these snaps tell the whole tale.

Yup. We all had a blast at the beach.

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  1. lovely pictures, teri!

    hey, i want a name like meebs or poots or lumpens!