Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Firewall

Yesterday, on a coffee break, Mister Man did as he does every day over a morning cup of tea, and popped online to read a certain blog in which he has a recurring role. (Yup. That would be this very blog upon which you are currently laying your peepers.)

ANYhoo, he was greeted by a rude and nasty message from his firewall that said [insert echo button effect here]
"this domain is categorized as"

And then some of my photos wouldn't load!!!

Okay - I know that some friends have MENTIONED that sometimes the foodie photos are a bit much. And in fact, a couple of my nearest and dearest have actually accused me of taking dessert photos that are food porn. But .... I dunno.

What do you think? [cue nasty, dirty guitar lick] [insert black cat restricted image] Let's take a stroll down memory lane. Here are some of the photos that seemed to have spurned this spurious comment. Sheesh.

Vanilla Bean Cake

Evil Genius Cookies

I didn't actually run this recipe for the cake as it's complex. But I did run a recipe for the caramel sauce.


  1. Well...I for one feel like I need a smoke after looking at those, so they may just be onto something ;)

  2. jesus, teri. that about killed me. mercy, lady!

  3. Bunkle - *blush*
    Annie - it just about killed ME too! (we are talking about the way in which my blog was judged by Mister Man's firewall, aren't we?)

  4. I dunno. I feel like I should say something here that would, in good journalist fashion, advance the story.

    But. All I can think to say, having looked at each of these picture, is this:

    I'd like to put it in my mouth.


  5. *smacks hands together triumphantly*

    Well, it looks like my work here is done! ; )

    Thanks r!

  6. well, i do have these urges to take off all my clothes and eat as much as possible of everything in the photos. so i personally believe they should be censored.

  7. Wee Sarah! Oh my!!! Is it getting hot in here? *fans self with hand*