Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Super Bowl Snack Food Smack Down

This was Mister Man's idea. And what a great idea it was. I'm not one with the football, but I love an occasion that involves a number of fabulous people descending upon our apartment bearing platters of assorted snack food. I also love watching people discuss sports and hoot and holler when their team does something either splendid or stupid. It's sort of life-affirming to me as I sit in the corner playing Scrabble with anyone who'd rather yell at a board game rather than a football field. Sunday was no exception. It went a little like this:

It started with the curling. There was curling on television. Who knew that we had a room full of curlers (many of them American. And as Mister Man says, if you're an American who takes up curling of your own volition, you should be issued your Canadian citizenship card without question!)

I need to point out that in the following picture, most of the pointing "splainin' fingers" belong to American friends who are discussing the finer points of "GO HARD" to others in the room.

Then it's on to football. Here, two of the men discuss the finer points of running around the field toting a small inflated pigskin.

But here's the REAL reason most of us were here. The snacks. We're looking at Mister Man's short rib sliders, Andrew's bean dip and the chips that were used to scoop Kari's curry crab dip. Missing from the photo were Annie's kick ass beef chili and my veggie chili and maple cornbread biscuits. Not to mention Lara's most amazing chicken wings.

There was also the dessert table, featuring Andrew's killer lemon tart, Aileen's world famous nanaimo bars, and my chocolate sheet cake.

Just in case you're wondering HOW delicious those nanaimo bars are, let me illustrate by saying:

The game begins and the tensions rise. Annie feels compelled to put her fist in her mouth.

Tamara feels compelled to put bread in her mouth.

The tension continues to build:

Until something funny happens. (darned if I can remember WHAT)

But all that laughter felt great. Even IF Tamara was annoyed with her tiles!

The snack food smack down results were tallied towards the end of the game. Mister Man won the savory portion of the contest with his sliders. And Andrew took the cake with his tart. Here he is proudly displaying his prize.

But really the whole event was a sham - a flimsy excuse to get people together so that we could chat (but only during the commercials!!), laugh, and enjoy food prepared lovingly by each other. And there's NUTHIN' wrong with that. NUTHIN'

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