Saturday, February 20, 2010

That Must Be Worth a MINT!!

One of the highlights of last weekend (YOU: "my god - you mean there are MORE??"), was our visit to the Canadian Mint Pavilion. We'd made an attempt earlier in the day and were turned away due to a private function. It was so high on the list of priorities for Lisa, that we knew we'd go back and stand in that line no matter HOW long it took! It was entirely worth waiting for an hour and a half. Also, how could you possibly say no to this face?

By all reports, our wait was NUTHIN' compared to the line ups THIS weekend, which have seen people hugging the sidewalk for up to 4 hours! Here's a little photo essay about our time at The Mint. First of all, they issued white gloves with which to hold the medals. This was the first time in Olympic history that the medals were available to be manhandled by the public.

They let us hold a bar of gold (even though it WAS chained down). Mister Man was beside himself. And that sucker was HEAVY!

There was a coin in there worth 1 million dollars (weighing 100 kgs).

Even the ceilings were opulent.

But the real highlight was getting to hold the medals which are works of art, designed by First Nations artist Corrine Hunt. They are truly beautiful. Each medal is part of a larger design, so if you had all of the medals together in one room, they'd each play a part in a larger canvas. Beautiful.

And, of course, at the end of the night a certain someone couldn't help but to insert herself in the Inukshuk while coins were projected from above, like loonies from heaven.

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