Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Good Ol' Hockey Game Part 2

This is a photo essay - the story of the game told through the big screen/scoreboard. So even though we were sitting as far away from the ice as humanly possible (while still being INSIDE the stadium), we always had a handle on the action. This was a fairly big game - as two teams battled it out for the bronze medal.

Did you know:
It all starts with the dance of the Zambonis.

The game begins! And then the inevitable:

Audience participation: the KISS cam.

The best Kiss Cam moment was when it was turned on a young South Asian man and woman. He laughed, shook his head and mouthed the words "she's my sister!". We laughed. And then we speculated how long it might take for them to turn the camera on same sex couples. I mean it IS 2010 after all!

And there were lots of these:

More audience participation:

Let's make some music already!! We'll get the people on the left on the tambourine, and the rest of you can give us some:

And that sort of noise just leads to this:

Which then led to victory!

And disappointment for the team from Sweden.

And then they kicked us outta there so they could get ready for the big GOLD MEDAL GAME!!

We had fun though as we were turned out onto streets that were pounding with pre-game energy. And you all know how THAT turned out! It was Canada all the way!!

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