Monday, August 3, 2009

Another day on the road

It's Monday morning at the crack of dawn and we're about to hit the road again. We're heading back to Phillie so that we can catch a plane ride to Seattle.

So in lieu of a written post, I'm going to leave you with a couple of images from our trip as we wind our way back to the starting line.

Here's one of our gracious hosts, the beautiful Cassandra, generous of spirit and heart. I'd publish a photo of her hubby, Jimmy, smoking a stogie while riding his John Deere, but he kind of gave me the ixnay on any such foolishness! I will say that they are both wonderful and kind - the sort of folks with whom you feel an immediate connection. And Jimmy cooks a mean rack of BBQ ribs.

Here's an image I snapped of two girls playing on one of the monuments at Gettysburg.

And I think this one sums it up nicely. Content and sleepy, Kari and Darren grab a little shut eye at the end of a fantastic voyage.

TTFN as JP Patches once said. 

It has truly been a wonderful journey.......

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