Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making the Most of a Monday

After an action packed weekend, we usually spend Monday evening sort of flopped on the couch, but as the dog days of summer creep towards us on little padded paws, I began to panic a bit and thought "OHMYGOD - SUMMER! GAH!!! IT'S ALL GOING TO BE OVER AND THEN WE'LL BE THRUST INTO MONTHS OF GREYNESS AND RAININESS AND IF WE DON'T CHERISH EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF THIS SUMMER WE'RE GOING TO SPEND THE NEXT YEAR REGRETTING IT."

(Um. I may have a knack for hyperbole.)

In any event, yesterday I shot a wee Monday-missive to Mister Man saying, "hey there summer guy - how about we parcel together a picnic after work and make like Frankie and Annette and hit the beach/park/field and have us dinner on a blanket, and a game of cribbage or something?"

To this, Mister Man said "aye aye!" and further suggested that he head home, pack up the deluxe portable BBQ, pick up some nice smokies and meet me at the park. (Okay. Really he did not say "aye aye". Popeye says "aye aye". Mister Man does not.)

I have been groaning lately about the summer without bike riding. Specifically MY summer without bike riding (a gentle and forgiving activity that usually brings me joy). So Mister Man suggested that I hop on my bike and pedal out to Cates Park and he'd be there all ready and rarin' to go!

It's a mere 11 kilometers from our abode to Cates Park. And there are a couple of hills. And I've done this ride lots and, while I've never been good at the hill kill, I'm usually okay on my way out towards Deep Cove.

But YESTERDAY, I felt like I should be stripped of my clip-on bike shoes and my road bike, because I rode like a toddler! GAH! The hills made me red in the face and all wheezy in the chest. But it felt good. It felt good to sweat and cuss at the hills. It felt good to feel my heart practically pounding out of my chest and onto the pavement. It felt good to sit down to the scent of BBQ smokies wafting over me. And the little cardboard cup of sweet potato fries from the concession stand.

And I loved looking up from under my helmet hair, and seeing Mister Man in his element.

Delicious. Utterly delicious.

A few moments after we were finished, Mister Man said, "hey, wouldn't it be great to come here someday and play a game of Settlers of Catan with Annie and Lara?" I enthusiastically agreed, and who should appear from thin air sporting big ol' grins but Annie and Lara! Mister Man had secretly set up the whole thing. (And that explains why he cooked 4 smokies...)

And that's when we settled in for a game of Settlers of Catan. Right there in the middle of a lovely park as dusk descended.

Though someone seems to have become a tad possessed during the game. (Never trust an adult who looks like a cast member from "Children of the Corn")

It was a marvelous Monday. And, quite frankly, I kinda look forward to NEXT Monday. Who knows what might happen?


  1. Lovely photos and documentation as usual. We snuck up behind you for a full minute across the long expanse of open parkway, did you know that? Holy crap, I hate that picture of me, but it is funny.

  2. Annie of the Corn?
    Love it.
    And Mr. Man is ROCKING that Harley Davidson Flame apron.

  3. Annie - I think the photo is hilarious! Who knew that one so sweet could be so diabolical??

    Bunkle - you will be happy to know that his mother made it for him, making it all the more fantastic....


  4. this is one of the most adorable blog posts i have ever read. i am on limited socializing but i bet i could sneak out for a monday event if someone invited me!!!! (that was my version of a subtle hint)

  5. @Sarah - I'm thinkin' something could be arranged for next Monday!!