Friday, August 28, 2009

The Snap of Fall

Fall. It is almost upon us.... This begs two questions:
1. Where did summer go?
2. Why does my heart skip a beat as fall approaches?

I love fall. It's my favourite season (next to the FESTIVE season of course. But, after the folly of the festive fondue pot , I did promise Mister Man that I would speak no more of it. So mum's the word on decking the halls until at LEAST October.....)

Back to the fall. What is it about waking up to a crisp breeze that makes my heart flutter? I guess I associate the fall with beginnings. Historically, it marks the time for new school supplies, a pair of new shoes and a new class! It's when theatre companies rev up for the season. It's when van loads full of young actors head out on school tours. It's about nesting. And cooking stews, and soups, and macaroni and cheese and all manner of comfort food. It's about thanksgiving (and don't you know that roast turkey dinner with stuffing and mashed potatoes is one of the finest meals of the entire year). It's pure coziness. It's about leaves going crunch underfoot. Exercise is brilliant in the fall because you don't pop into a sweat with the mere thought of stepping foot into your running shoe.

I love the colours and I love the chill in the air. The fall to me, has always been about promise. And I *love* that. The sun is gorgeous in the fall. The colours are so intense, you can almost taste them.

These are some photos I took last fall when Mister Man and I went on a day excursion to Squamish.

Doesn't this look like a painting? Or
Jello 1-2-3? Remember that stuff?

Lookit Mister Man, wand'ring lonely as a cloud.

And, as an added bonus, fall is just THAT much closer to the best season of all: the festive season. But let us speak no more of that. (For at least another month......)

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