Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tonight we are going to a ball game. A real honest-to-goodness, stand-up-and-sing-the-song-in-the-7th-inning ball game. We have a triple A team here in Vancouver called The Canadians (or maybe they're a double A team...?? Hm. That sounds more like a bra size than a ball league - that can't be right). ANYHOO, they play ball in a real honest-to-goodness ball park called Nat Bailey Stadium.

[SIDEBAR NOTE: when I actually press publish, I intend to pepper this entry with images from the evening.... so think of this as a sort of "Time Travelers Wife" type affair. I'm WRITING with the event in the future tense, but the PHOTOS are from the recent past.]

Now, I'm no sports aficionado... (I'm guessing that comes as no surprise.) Nope. I'm in it for the people watching, the food, and the photo ops. Hello hot dogs that taste better when eaten "in the stands" (see how I slipped that in there like an authentic sports fan??)

You can even buy SUSHI at the ballgame now! Look how grown up we are in Vancouver!

But we were all in it for the hotdogs.

And the mini donuts. Here is Mister Man as Mister Mini Donut head!

Mister Man called me moments ago to administer an "all things ball pop quiz". Here's what happened.

Mister Man: What do you do if you catch a ball?
Me: Give it to a kid!
Mister Man: What do you say if the guy in front of you catches the ball?
Mister Man: How many innings in a game?
Me: Seven?
Mister Man: [Groan]
Me: No - wait - NINE!!!
Mister Man: And what do you do in the 7th inning?
Me: Stand up and sing that song!!!!

Here the crowd lunges for a fly ball.

A kid goes for a pop fly.

Yup. I could pretty much do the colour commentary tonight.... Maybe I can become the Don Cherry of baseball?

So tonight, Bill Buckner is throwing the opening pitch. We're going with one of our American Friends mini proportions, because she is a complete lover of all things baseball, and particularly of all things involving a former Red Sox!

[SIDEBAR grammar question here for Wee Sarah: should that be "former Red Sock?" or is "former Red Sox" the correct usage? Note to readers - EVERYONE needs an editor as a friend!!]

I love the fact that the whole event began with the b'yes paying homage to "So You Think You Can Dance, Canada".

In any event, by the time you read this, we will be sated and tuckered out in a happy way from our night in the park.


  1. There is something very creepy (yet somehow tasty...) about Mr Mini Donut Head & his squid-like centrally placed eye.

  2. Oh my - the thought of Mr. Mini Donut Head makes me smile!! And your observation of his cyclops eyeball is spot on! I was so excited when I took the photo, but it's even funnier in print!

  3. I just have to say,,, ketchup and mayo on a hot dog is just plain wrong. If it was my ballpark, I would have had you ejected

  4. C'mon! It was Hellmann's! How could I say no???