Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination: Deep Cove

We went for a spin on the weekend, out to Deep Cove and back. This is a bike ride that Wee Sarah and I have done many times, but it was new to Annie and Lara. And though Annie was apprehensive about riding with traffic (and not on a designated bike route), and Lara was nervous about the hills, they both enjoyed themselves immensely. Turns out neither the traffic nor the hills are nearly as bad as one might think, plus there are perks at the half way mark. And who doesn't love a perk where exercise is involved?

There is shopping!! And there is Honey Doughnuts and Goodies featuring Vancouver's best doughnuts. Okay - maybe the Roly Poly doughnuts from Honey's are neck and neck with the Honey Dew doughnuts from Lee's on Granville Island, but they are certainly AMONGST the best that Vancouver has to offer. They are in the top 2. Let's leave it at that.

Have you ever thought about (I mean REALLY thought about) how weird the word "doughnut" actually is? I mean - look:
Dough. Nut.

Weird, right? (Somehow, the alternative spelling "donut" doesn't seem quite as strange to me...)

Sadly, this doughnut didn't even last long enough to be photographed in all of its glory.... And let me assure you - there is a LOT of glory involved with these doughnuts.

What's that? Why yes, maybe that IS a second, EMPTY doughnut plate in the photograph. Would you believe that it was left there on the table by a previous doughnut eating guest? Harumph. Well, if you MUST know, the three of us shared a measly 2 doughnuts! It could have been worse. Trust me.

In any event, the ride to Deep Cove is a beautiful ride. With rewards. And a view! And that's the way we like to roll around here.....

It is amusing to me that the word "ice cream" has been stricken from the sign with tape, but the pointing dog is still clasping one in his paw!

Ain't life sweet.....

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