Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bliss of Mister Man

Mister Man is SUCH a good sport. When I came into his life, he embraced my wacky world in its entirety. And I can assure you that I did not tiptoe into his universe - I kind of stomped into it like a Girlie Godzilla with little alligator arms a swinging! (I have never been the quiet, graceful type - though I've had aspirations.....)

He welcomed my eclectic group of friends with open arms. He jumped onto the art/film/theatre bandwagon and has joined me on all manner of outings, from the weird and wild, to the more sedate. He has lingered with me at student art shows, sat next to me in chick flicks listening to me snort and snivel, and come to performance art events. He's read books that friends have written, listened to songs they sing, and watched films they've made. He once stood on the sidelines in the pouring rain carrying a sign that read "Run Forrest Run" as the running posse and I hobbled through the Vancouver Half Marathon. He wasn't feeling well that day, and we found out later that he actually had pneumonia! He's made special play lists for events that we've hosted, and he's cooked amazing meals on a number of occasions for his new found friends and family. He even makes cheescakes for special events and special people. He is great with my family and he brings me coffee every single day in bed.

Yes, he has been an all round supportive partner.

When he wants "Mister Man time", he finds his bliss in fishing. On occasion, I get to go with him, but mostly, he loves the solitary pursuit of sitting on a lake in his little inflatable boat or standing on the shore casting. As the fall approaches, so does fishing season, and on the weekend, I came home to find him sitting at the table tying flies.

It's an art really.

Here are some action shots from the past, taken with my lens baby (more on that later).

He is so happy.

And at peace.

This is Mister Man in his bliss.


  1. Awwww!!!
    Love it.
    Such a lovely passion. I have never fly fished, but I *love* fishing in general. Many hours as a child with my big brothers catching all sorts.

    Go forth with thine flies, Mr. Man...

  2. Bunkle,

    From time to time, he even likes to tune into a podcast called "The Fly Fishing Rabbi" (seriously).... I certainly understand the part about the peace one feels when sitting on a quiet lake. I love spin casting, though I really don't want to CATCH anything - I just like the sound and feeling of the line whizzing through the air. And Mister Man is strictly a catch and release guy. He does it for that quiet, peaceful feeling.....

  3. Oh, this is SUCH a lovely post! So loving and makes me full of admiration and fondness for Mister Man. And the photos of him fishing are great.

  4. Awwww thanks Annie. I too have the admiration and fondness for his nibs. He's a truly beautiful soul (and if he reads this, I'm sure he'll blush and go "pshaw").

  5. If anybody wants to try casting a fly rod, let me know as I'd be happy to share

  6. I would love to come along and take photos of Mister Man and his casting neophytes! I might try my hand at casting again, but we know from experience that I'm not coordinated enough to handle it. Pity really. I love the whoosh sound....