Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrating Sarah

Here are some images from Sarah's b-day celebration. It was a fondue - not of the deep fried variety, but it was delicious all the same! There were 2 kinds of cheese fondue, plus a chocolate fondue. My fave was the Irish cheddar and Guiness fondue. Holy tornado was that good. There were all manner of items to dip in the fondue including bread (natch), broccoli, cauliflower, fancy pretzels (oh yummers) and sliced apple. My favourite was the sliced apple. It was outta this world. Here's the birthday gal now. Stirring some of that delicious fondue!

AJ was looking dashing in the new summer duds!

Sarah and Donimo dip something fabulous.

An optical illusion gives Susan a set of floppy green ears. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Classic Susan. I wonder what Mister Man just said?

Everyone is up for a dip!

M and M:
R and R:

Birthday cakes!

Anne is just as cute as the wee doggie.

Sarah chomps down.

Nom nom nom.

M has given that doggie an earful - or has she taken a mouthful?

R is about to make quick work of this pup.

Pups abound (though the real Jackson was nowhere to be seen at this point!)

Melissa and Terra.

Terra made a label for Sarah. It says Safety Lev.

And then, she gave her this gorgeous photo.

It was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful friend.


  1. Teri, you are a wonderful photographer and a lovely friend.

  2. beautiful cupcakes, teri, and gorgeous photos.

  3. Thanks Ms. Annie!! Now WHAT should we do for YOUR next birthday??? xo