Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonight is Cake Decorating

And THAT means there's gonna be a whole lot more of THIS:

Somehow, Lori and I managed to fall behind all night, and ended up rushing. I THINK we might have continued to fall behind because we kept getting giddy. Was it the fumes of the vanilla and almond extract? The heady joy found in successfully stick handling a piping bag? Or is it simply because we were like 2 ten year olds, making a big mess in their mothers' kitchens?

Yup. We had us some GOOOOOOOD chuckles.
In the meantime, some of the women in the class were incredibly adept at mixing colour. Purdy... (though mine is the second last cake... note the LACK of colour on the base of the cake due to the messing about! I like to think of it less like a "barren cake" and more like a "minimalist cake".)

But the real question is this: how on EARTH did Lori and I manage to make such a mess? Yikes! Tonight, we're gonna turn a new leaf. Just you wait and see!

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