Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cupcakes for Sarah

Last August, I wrote a post that included the photo from the cover of the book "Hello Cupcake!" Wee Sarah posted a comment asking if she could have the cupcakes featured on the cover of the book for her birthday. So, on Saturday, in lieu of a cake, I made a dozen of these edible puppies in celebration of Sarah.

It's a good thing I'm taking that cake decorating class, because I knew exactly what to do when the temperature of my hand became too much for the icing. And even though the cupcakes had the odd meltdown, I was able to keep said meltdown at bay. Yup. Even when Mister Man dropped a couple of the pups when he was putting them in the fridge at Sarah and Donimo's place!

While the icing process WAS akin to brain surgery, it was worth every drop of sweat. When we saw the expression on Sarah's face, our little hearts went *ping*. (photos from the main event tomorrow) (you will note that there are only 11 pups in the photo below and THAT'S because one of them ended up with a bit of a gished-in face and missing peepers when it hit the floor. Oh Mister Man. I asked YOU to put them in the fridge because I was afraid of dropping them!)


  1. SLG, you are a cupcake genius! hello not only were they miniature works of art, but the paper cups and the candles matched my dress! good lord! word to the wise, they are also great for breakfast.

  2. sorry, and i forgot to mention that each wee pink tongue had a groove down the middle. for god's sake! all birthday guests were blown away.

  3. OMFG T, those are AMAZING (so amazing they required the F in OMFG). Though I'm sad you didn't include mr. hit-the-floor-smooshy-face ( guaranteed I would pick THAT runt of the litter myself.) You've just raised your baking goddessness to a whole new level.

  4. i ate mr hit-the-floor-smooshy-face for breakfast.

  5. Thanks you two! It was fun to watch their little personalities materialize!!