Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hairspray (or What Should I do on the Big Day?)

For my birthday, Pooter's gift to me was a hair styling session with Robin (the best hair gal in the world), so that we could test drive hair styles for the upcoming nuptials of moi and Mister Man. Last week, we all descended upon Robin's place, bearing wine and snicky-snacks, and Robin brought out the hot rollers, hairspray and bobby pins. It was a hoot - and incredibly useful! Doodie took my camera out for a spin after the rollers came out and documented the whole enchilada. Here's what transpired. Pooter surveys the hot-roller action (she was the one who was responsible for taking notes about technique).

Doodie Poofs.

And then shoots some "how to" video.

The rollers are out and we're ready to rock.

Robin begins to pull the curls apart. Lookit Pooter. She is taking her job very seriously, hanging on Robin's every word and gesture....

So what do you think? Curls and head-dress? French roll and head-dress? Or just plain ol' french roll? There was also a veil, but we couldn't find a way to work it in. Let me know what you think, because I am somehow missing the "sense of style" gene. (i.e. I don't have one, despite the fact that The Mums is a very stylish woman.) (Um. That means my hair is usually just hanging in a clump from my scalp. Or it's under a ball cap when I'm sweating....)

So I'm relying on you to weigh in. Seriously. Seriously SERIOUSLY. The dress I'm wearing is a classic strapless ivory gown, with tons of ruching and a support system that would make Dolly Parton proud. I'll be wearing jewelry by Zuka, so it will be elegant and beautiful. My best maid, Mariette, will also be wearing Zuka jewelry and a gorgeous gown.

So here's what I need you to consider (and please, pardon the goofy look on my face.... I'm not accustomed to having an entourage pamper me...!)

Version A: Retro head-dress with curls

Version A from behind:
Version B: French Roll with retro head-dress

Version C: French Roll without retro head-dress

Version C from behind:

Okay. So operators are standing by to hear your thoughts. Will it be Version A, B or C? I know I can hardly stand the anticipation..... because I am DYING to know what it's gonna be!


  1. okay, I LOVE the curls! You look so cute. I also love C but not so much the one side down. You look BEAUTIFUL in all!!! I love your hair up!


  2. version B all the way. you are super pretty, btw.

  3. Augh that's a tough call, you look adorable in all of them!! I think my vote would be A or C - I actually do like the one piece down. OK I'm going to say A, just to be definitive. But B and C are awesome too ;)

  4. I agree it is a hard decision. I want to throw this out to you all. I am thinking about the one side down (more specifically the strong asymmetry) in terms of the photos into the future. I find that our trends in asymmetry are very specific and therefor may date the photos.. but I could be very wrong. Your thoughts?

  5. i think all of them would be gorgeous. i personally like C.

  6. Hmmm - SpinsterMaid, I agree that asymmetry can be dating, but in this case it is more of a tendril, and I'm thinking tendrils are timeless. (Now, if Teri were to rock my haircut circa 1983, we'd have a major issue.)

  7. um, Bunkle, that last comment requires that you post a photo.

  8. I'm just glad the ball cap didn't make the final cut! I would vote for C, but really you should pick whatever you like the best and feel most comfortable with (excluding the ball cap, of course).

  9. Paully says: You look like Grace in B!
    And he votes for a beehive.
    I say: Some helpful brudder you have.

  10. Hey everyone,

    Thank you SO much. This is incredibly helpful. Seriously helpful.

    I had a few other comments via email that I'd like to share with you:

    Bob (Father of the groom) says "AAAAAAAAA". Cousin Tracy also said A. And boss Tracey also said A. The Mums hummmed and hawed, but ultimately thought A as well....

    Thanks again. You have helped me more than you will ever know!


    PS - Bunkle, we await the photo!

  11. Also - Steph wrote me and voted for C, but then allowed as how I should tally the votes and then just do what makes me feel the nicest. What great advice.