Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back in the Blogosphere

Oh what a wonderful holiday it has been. Mister Man and I found that sweet spot of balance between relaxation and socialization topped off with a little travel. It was truly divine.

Prior to heading south for a visit with our Seattle friends, we had a lovely time at Bunklelife's place where we got to hang out with Ana, Lori, and Brad and play some new and kinda hilarious games. We also dined on possibly the best chili ever!! I made a decadent ginger-mascarpone cheesecake with a gingersnap crust (photos and recipe coming soon).

Bunkle makes like Vanna White and holds up a bottle of cranberry/onion confit. Holy crow was this ever tasty!!

Bunkle serves up a bowl of chili.

We started our games night with Bohnanza, a card game in which you wheel and deal in beans. 'Tis fun and completely unpredictable, so you can't anticipate WHO'S gonna win until the final bean has been planted.

And then it was onto Bananagram - another fast and furious game.

We had lots of laughs, and particularly enjoyed some of the unique words that were played by the other team! Oh my!

And then, the next morning, we headed out to Seattle for a fantastic new year. Photos and notes comin' soon!

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  1. You and that camera!!

    And as for the words - we were both creative and international - there is a problem with that? Que? ;)