Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The January Birthday Blitz Begins

I know a lot of wonderful women who were born in January: The Mums, Annie, Susan, AJ, Karen, Aileen. That is 6 amazing women who landed on this planet after the festive season had bid adieu for another year.

And so the birthday blitz began last weekend when Mister Man and I honoured Annie (with the help of Diyan and Susan).

Mister Man made an entrance with the tenderloin that he was sweet-talkin' into some kind of crazy submission

Anticipation abounded as incredible smells started wafting into the living room.

(Note Mister Man makin' like Frank Sinatra in the background)

And rightly so. It was a wonderful meal featuring a heap of brown butter garlic mashed all nestled up to that delightful beef. And broccolini. And mushroom ragout. Oh my.

And then, it was time for fun and games.

And some fightin' words.

And the contemplating. That's what birthday girls do.

And then came the cake. Oh the cake. But THAT'S another story. Stay tuned....

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  1. yum. and i love the pictures (except maybe that very first one of moi). especially the captioned one and lara delivering ultimatums. thank you so much, yet again!