Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vroom Vroom: The Motorcycle Show

Last weekend, Mister Man and I, along with his oldest buddies Stacy and Mark, went to the big motorcycle show in Abbotsford. The b'yes love their bikes, and while I prefer 2 wheeled cycles of the motor-less variety, I thought there might be plenty of photo fodder. I was right.

The day started with a quintessential Canadian experience - a stop at the Tim Horton's drive through window for a classic "double double" and a breakfast sammich. Here's an image that is recognizable from stem to stern of our country.

And then it was off to the main event.

We hooked up with Stacy and Mark.

I snapped this photo of Mister Man asking Stacy if he would stand up for him at the big event (the pending nuptials of moi and he). I thought there might be tears and such, but then I realized where we were. There was far too much leather in that place for big ol' man-tears!!

Then it was off to put our tushies on the seats of as MANY motorcycles as possible.

Mister Man challenged me to see if I could get Stacy to sit on one of the "junior" bikes. When I leaned over and said "Stacy, can you help me win a bet?"... well, let's just say he was a sport.

While MOST folks wanted everyone to sit on their bikes, there was the odd contradictory message.

And there were some pretty nifty duds for sale too.

As well as some fine home decor ideas.

And would you call this a motorcycle? A fashion accessory?? Or a life sized candy?

There were some pretty bold fashion statements elsewhere too.

Friendly faces could even be found in the packaging.

Mister Man had him SOME fun. I believe here he is saying "Vroom Vroom".

He was clearly in his happy place.

And this is the part where he looked longingly at me and tried to explain how this particular motorcycle might be a really great investment..... or a birthday gift.

And me? I ALMOST fell for it....


  1. PLEASE tell me you bought the Fish Naked sign.

  2. Oh Bunkle! I am SO sorry to say FAIL!!! I was so swept up in the moment, it didn't even OCCUR to me to buy you the Fish Naked sign for your new dining room!!!!! I am a TERRIBLE FRIEND. (Oh that I had my time back....!) *hangs head in shame*

  3. i think you forgot to post a photo! where is the one of you on the pink bike?