Monday, January 4, 2010

Easing into the New Year

New Year's Day was filled with all manner of great stuff. Like a trip to Iver's "World Famous" Seafood Brunch!

Here's the summertime window. It wasn't open on New Year's Day (what with it not being summer and all).

Here's a photo that I like to think might be good for an album cover. What kind of music do you think they would play? Mister Man says "heavy metal". I'm thinkin' they look a little more folk-new age. What do you think gentle reader?

And then we took a trip to Mister Man's fave location in the whole freakin' wide world (The Science Fiction Museum). You *might* be surprised to discover what an amazing collection awaits you. And there are all kinds of nifty info-kiosks throughout.

I was particularly impressed with the fact that the presence of women in science fiction is not only acknowledged, but lauded (and you don't see THAT too often in your average museum...)

And how can you not love a museum that has these kinds of magazines in its collection?

But mostly, how could you not love a guy who looks like this after being subjected to a blast of wind from an open car window?


  1. Ivar's is the new Wilco album cover. No question.

  2. um, our genre is DEATH metal, not heavy. so stuck in the 80's you are.