Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seattle Secrets

The last time we were in Seattle, Paul and Lisa showed us a little slice of Seattle that is just outta this world. Pete's Super Market may sell canned soup and chocolate bars, but they ALSO sell thousands of different kinds of wine.

Their website isn't lying when it says "Friendly people selling good wine at great prices since 1971." And "Located in the heart of the Eastlake neighborhood in Seattle, made famous in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", this is the hub of Seattle's houseboat community", so you can even pick out the house boat you're gonna buy when you win the lottery! (at least, that's what WE did.)

I loved my first experience at Pete's, and asked Lisa if we could head back on new year's day. And that's just what we did.

The wine is stacked in boxes from floor to ceiling, and there are smokin' hot deals to be had here. PLUS, the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable! You can waltz in there (or even foxtrot if you like) and say to the super helpful staff "I like a big bottomed red wine - something that wears bossy boots and boasts a bold flavour. What could you recommend in the (fill in the dollar range)?"

During our first visit, Holly pointed us in the direction of some lovely wines that are either not available in BC (or are available for a lot more dough!) You can even ask Holly if she'll put together a case of wine for you, and they'll give you a 10% discount on 6 bottles or more.

And if you're too shy to ask for help, you can just read the fabulous crib notes that accompany many of the bottles.

And if you're wondering what to do with your purchases, here's a little demo compliments of Lisa.

So the next time you're in Seattle, you can add another destination to the list of "must sees". After the tour of Theo's Chocolates and a spin through the Science Fiction Museum and the Experience Music Project, you can check out Pete's Super Market at 58 East Lynn St. You won't be disappointed.

And then, you can head over to the big dog park because who doesn't want a big puppy gazing expectantly at you with big brown dog-park eyes?

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