Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mothers Everywhere

Today is Mother's Day. And while it MAY be a "holiday" entirely constructed by Hallmark, I'm glad that we are all reminded to celebrate our mothers. Really, we should celebrate Mother's Day once a month.... After all, they did push a grapefruit through a drinking straw to give us life. Then they wiped our orifices (all of 'em), held our hands and believed in us when the chips were down. They suffered through our tragic haircuts and even more tragic wardrobe choices. And through all of that, they continued to love us.

Here's the mums last summer. She's the best mother a gal could wish for. But she lives thousands of miles away on the other side of the country.

Here's Merilee. She's the best soon to be mother-in-law a gal could wish for. And she lives right here in our neck of the woods.

A funny think happened on the way to Mother's Day. Last week, Mister Man ordered flowers for the mums and for Merilee, to be delivered on Saturday so that they could be fully enjoyed come Sunday.

So when I phoned the mums on Saturday at around 4:00 Newfoundland time (and yes, Newfoundland DOES have its very own time zone.....), nothing had arrived on her doorstep. So, while I baked for Merilee on the west coast, Brian investigated what was happening regarding flower delivery on the east coast. To his chagrin (and my utter horror), something had gone awry when he placed the order for Newfoundland, and somehow, they ended up being slated for delivery ON Tuesday. TUESDAY. As in two days PAST Mother's Day.

Needless to say, I was sobbing in the kitchen, because I wanted so badly to be able to share this day with BOTH of my mothers. As the impact of what had happened was sinking in and my tears were filling the kitchen sink, Mister Man was receiving a telephone message from his mother thanking him for the beautiful flowers that had arrived at noon on Saturday. Oh the irony.....

Luckily, we'd planned a gift card for the mums for lunch at one of the loveliest restaurants in St. John's. And we'd crafted a hilarious Jib-Jab video card for her..... so all was not lost.

And had the mums been here on the west coast, she would have joined us on this day for a feast that began with purchasing spot prawns on the FIRST DAY OF THE SEASON!!

She would have chowed down on lovely savoury tarts (a la moi) and gorgeous chorizo, and fresh and tangy Greek salad. We would have toasted her with red wine.

And most of all, she would have had some of this. Because, on some level, isn't that secretly who we really all bake for? Our mothers?

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere. You really DO make the world go round.


All your daughters and sons........ xoxoxo

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